Pink District specializes in hosting Miami's hottest pole/sensual dance parties. No prior experience needed! Our parties are a great way to celebrate an upcoming event!  Celebrate your next event with us for an intimate and adventurous experience. Choose your flavor: Pole Dance, Chair Dance or  Lingerie Passion Party . One of our world-class instructors/sexpert  educator will lead you and your friends in a private setting, catering to the specific needs and preferences of your group.  

We host private parties seven days a week . Enjoy the PD Doll experience; shop our selection of sexy, fashionable lingerie, exotic dance shoes, adult toys and party goods at our Adult Novelty & Lingerie store; get your sexy on in our attached dance studio. All In-Studio  party guest receives 10% off on all Top Brand lingerie and Pleasers dance heels. Sizes small - 4x available.

Ready to get your party started? Choose from any of our party packages listed below. When you are ready to book your party, click the BOOK NOW button to reserve your date, time and pay your $100 down payment or call us at 888-860-7465 or stop by our Store! You can also just check availability to see if a time spot is available.

Don't know how many ladies are coming? No problem! Just pay your down payment to secure your reservation - your actual balance will be calculated at your party according to how many people attend.


Who doesn't need some sexy panties in their drawer, a pleasurable new toy and learn some new pole dance skills?  Experience our unique twist on a lingerie passion  party. 

In-home parties are best for groups that are maybe travelling in town and renting a house, hotel suite or maybe you are throwing a big house party and you want us to come to or after your main party activities. In-home parties are very popular.  All guest will learn tips on improving their sex life with a presentation of sensual products and lingerie, learn how to pole dance  and have a great time. If you book an in-home pole party we'll bring (1) pole standard or you can request an additional 1-2 ceiling to floor poles for $50 each. We'll be using the same professional grade removable poles that we use in studio and it does not require any mounting or damage to your ceiling. If you want to host your party outdoors then that would require us using a pole stage which is an additional $50 charge. Pole stages must be used for outdoors, locations with vaulted ceilings or ceilings over 12 ft. In home parties also have a travel/setup fee and rates are below.


(Travel time is calculated from 33179 zip code)

  •  $25 for under 15 minutes  
  • $50 for 16 - 30 minutes
  • $75 for 31- 45 minutes
860 minutes$250  ( $20 additional guest)
1090 minutes$300  ( $20 additional guest)
202 Hours$400 ($20 additional guest)

If your party falls below 7 guests you must make up the price difference among your smaller group




During your one hour party class, you and your friends will learn a  sexy exotic routine. We’ve got you covered. Feel the freedom of your first spin around the pole. Unleash your inner diva with hair whips and hip rolls, booty twerk along with some of the most tantalizing and teasing and poses you can imagine! Just bring along an outfit you feel sexy in and your favorite exotic dance high heels. We will make you and your friends feel completely relaxed, comfortable and sexy giving you an incredible evening that you'll never forget!! Get ready to learn some seriously badass skills.


 Table for light refreshments 
Time for photos
Guest of honor receives 1 (one) EROTIC PANTY
All party guest receives 10% off all purchase in our gift shop! Sizes small- 4x available.

660 minutes $160.00

*If your party falls below 7 guests you must make up the price difference among your smaller group



Learn how to be the center of attention and the ultimate teaser! This chair party is set to sexy, slow and explicit music. Learn the power of provocative body language on the chair and erotic floor work moves. Please wear something extremely sexy and your exotic sexiest dance heels. OPTIONAL: We will teach you how to striptease out of an item of clothing such as a skirt, pullover shirt, etc.. Please wear appropriate undergarments :) All of your guests will leave new bedroom secrets moves!

 Table for light refreshments  
Time for photos
Guest of honor receives 1 (one) EROTIC PANTY
All guest receives 10% off all purchase in our gift shop! Sizes small- 4x available. 

660 minutes $160.00

*If your party falls below 7 guests you must make up the price difference among your smaller group



  •  Determine the party style(s), amount of time and your location (in-studio or in-home).
  • Call toll free (888) 860-7465 and leave a message or send an email (pinkdistrictstudio@gmail.com) and let us know the date & time you'd like to book your party. It is best to book your party at least 2 weeks in advance to guarantee your date being available. Last minute reservations are okay; however availability is not guaranteed.
  • Once we confirm availability and you want to reserve the date, you'll need to make your deposit the same day. The deposit for all parties is $100.
  • Once we receive payment, you will receive a follow up confirmation email with details for your party & your guests. Please call us if you do not receive this email within 48 hours of payment. If you do not receive a confirmation email please call or email us or else your party is not confirmed.
  • CANCEL/RESCHEDULE POLICY: To Cancel or Reschedule a party you must notify (both) Phone & Email for proper record of your cancellation. Failure to cancel or reschedule by both methods will result in your deposit being voided and no refund. There are absolutely no refunds on deposits if you cancel your party 5 days of the party date. This also applies to last minute bookings within a 5 day period of actual party date. Parties can be rescheduled if you give 48 hour notice by phone & email for proper record of your notification. You must receive an email response from me to confirm your rescheduled party. The new party date must also be scheduled within 3 weeks of original date and is based on instructor & studio availability. If you are not able to schedule a new date within 5 days that meets instructor or studio availability, your deposit is void and no refund will be given.


  • Your balance payment is due at the start of the party  (Cash or credit cards). Please bring the exact amount for cash payments as we may not have change on hand for (IN-HOME PARTIES).
  • We highly recommend that you collect your balance from other guests the day before or earlier in the day so as not to delay your party start time. Your party will not start until the full balance payment is collected so make sure all your guests are on time or the host should be ready to take care of entire payment in cash. No Exceptions!


  • It’s your party so dress up and get wild. Feel free to wear costumes or lingerie. Shorts are highly recommended if you are doing a pole party because you need your leg skin to grip the pole for spins and climbs. You can also choose to keep it simple and wear fitness attire such as t-shirt & shorts or yoga pants. Bring knee pads if you have them.
  • Shoes: Wear an old pair of platform heels as your new shoes can get scuffed on the floor. The shoe height doesn't matter. Heels are highly recommended but, you can choose to go barefoot . You'll need to bring your own knee pads. 


  • NO hand jewelry such as rings, watches & bracelets if you are doing a pole party as it will damage the pole surface and your jewelry. 
  • NO baby oils or lotions on your legs or arms. Oils will effect your grip on the pole causing you to slip off the pole and it will cause guest to slip on floor.