Pole FAQ's

What is a mobile Pole Party?
Pink District comes to your party location. When can Setup our Poles anywhere! Home, Air BnB, Hotel, Event Hall, Photography Studio, or by the pool!

What type of Pole do you use and will it damage my ceilings or floors?
Pink District are authorized dealer of “X-Pole” which are the same poles we use for parties. X-Pole are the world leading professional portable traveling pole. X-Pole comes with a padded lining for top and bottom piece of the pole. Your ceiling and floors will be not be damage after removal of pole.

How Tall must my ceiling be to have a mobile Pole Party or Rent a Pole?
Our standard X -Pole can extend from 8 feet to 10.5 feet comfortably.
If, you’re ceiling is higher than 10.5ft or vaulted you may request Our X-Pole stage that does not require to attach to the ceiling.