Best Lubes for Sex

Lube is great. We love lube – and so should you! It keeps everything wet, slippery, and feeling great with little effort. After all, dryness equals micro tears and pain, which nobody wants. However, picking the right one for you can be difficult with how many different types and individual brands/lines that exist. If you’re struggling to find a lubricant that best fits your needs, read on to discover our top favorite lubes for sex.


Best Water-Based: Sliquid Sassy

Everybody who knows about lubes has probably heard of Sliquid. This brand is well-known for a whole line of personal lubricants, but their Sassy one is probably one of their best. Despite being water-based, it has a bit more of a silicone-like texture, which works great for both vagina or anal. It’s thick, slick, and stays wet for significantly longer than some of the competition. It’s also toy-safe, fairly easy to find, and affordable, which is always a plus.


Best Silicone-Based: Uber Lube

Silicone lubes just naturally feel luxurious. They’re soft and silky and they just refuse to dry up. Even among silicone-based options, however, Uber Lube is one of the absolute best. Basically the Porsche of the lube world, it has a texture to rival them all and even comes in a gorgeous glass bottle that feels very swanky. The ingredient list is also incredibly impressive: silicone and vitamin E. That’s it. Simple, straightforward, but great. If it could be used on silicone toys, it would be perfect.


Best Oil-Based: ASTROGLIDE O Oil

While most lubes aren’t exactly the most versatile, oil-based ones buck this trend. Able to be used as both a lube and a massage oil, these lubes are perfect for those who need something that can pull double-duty. One of the best on the market? Astroglide O Oil. Containing organic oils, essential oils, and added vitamins, Astroglide’s offering gives great massages, both the traditional ones and ones of a more intimate nature. Especially good for hand-jobs, it’s long-lasting and ultra-moisturizing.

Best Flavored Lube: Sliquid Naturals Swirl

Are you wanting to give someone a great blowjob but just are not a fan of the taste? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of people find themselves in the same boat. In order to make the experience good for both the giver and the receiver, why not try out a flavored lube? While we love Sliquid, they really do have one of the best out there. Paraben-free, glycerin-free, cruelty-free, and vegan, it’s a better option than most. And most importantly, it actually tastes good! Not too heavy, not too light, and available in an assortment of flavors.


Best Anal Lube: Boy Butter

Not just for boys, Boy Butter is great for anyone who wants a water-based lube that’s thicker and more lotion-y than like gel. Making use of vitamin E and Shea butter, it feels lovely and avoids being too “liquid-y,” it lasts a very long time, and it completely avoids that gross, sticky feel that can sometimes accompany other water-based lube options. It’s also completely safe for both sex toys and condoms. Together, all of this makes it the ideal lube for anal.

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