The Power of a Lap Dance

Many who receive a lap dance experience the primal effects of having a half or fully naked dancer gyrating all over them. The thought of having an attractive woman shaking her exposed bits all over you may be appealing to some but for others it is more than about sexual excitement. The power of a lap dance can stir up some awkward emotions from representing a power struggle to relaxation and introspection. We look at the influence of the scantily clad dancer and her understated powerful capabilities.

Lap dances have been performed by both male and female strippers for years. From bachelor and bachelorette parties to coming into manhood and the simple enjoyment of having a practically naked woman pulsating on your lap, most private dances are performed by women and enjoyed by men.

For some people, the initial lap dance may seem awkward and forced. Thoughts may run through your head about a power dynamic. Paying the select dancer for a pleasurable experience may render her dependent on you for the money. An alternative scenario is having the dancer move around sensually for the duration of a few minutes and gets to earn large volumes of cash without having to interact with you, so ultimately she dictates her time. While a power dynamic may be associated with lap dances, the experience remains highly sought after for its sensual properties. It can also be introduced into the bedroom as a fun bit of foreplay.

The Power of a Lap Dance

If you were the shy guy at school who could not quite get the girl, having a lap dance may give you the relaxation and confidence you need. The dancer is able to perform a series of moves and tell you what you want to hear making you feel good and full of confidence. It helps individuals who feel stressed to relax and simply experience the sensual performance by an experienced and skilled dancer. Why not provide your significant other with the same enjoyment and relaxation by providing him or her with a reassuring and pleasurable lap dance?