Safe Sex – Different Ways to Protect Yourself

If you are going to engage sexually, certain precautions must be met to best protect your life, health and well-being. While physical wellness is important, you can preserve your emotional balance too by investing in quality relationships and a positive self-image. We look at safe sex – different ways to protect yourself.
Safe Sex Solutions
The Condom
The most widely available and recognized barrier method of them all, the condom remains a popular protective choice. Condoms are developed from latex and placed on male appendage during an erection or on sex toys as a means of hygiene practice. The rubber material aims to protect body fluid including semen from entering the body of your partner during sexual activity. It is an affordable means of minimizing pregnancy and the transmission of STD’s including HIV. Condoms are sold at many stores and also available in various flavors and textures.
The Female Condom
Female condoms consist of a rubber or latex material and inserted in the desired nether region before engaging in sexual actions. The female or internal condom helps protect against STD’s and pregnancy. These condoms work to prevent bodily fluids from entering the body. It is just over 80% effective in reducing the chance of pregnancy and should be used with a lubricant to minimize discomfort.
Cervical Caps
A cervical cap is considered more effective than a woman condom. It consists of a spermicidal solution to minimize the occurrence of pregnancy. The cap is placed in the vagina and consists of flexible latex. It also prevents any physical fluids from entering the body. Considered a good form of contraception, it should never be used with any form of oils or lubricant products that could cause damage to the soft latex.
The Diaphragm
A diaphragm is a cup consisting of flexible latex inserted into the vagina before sex. It has effectiveness over more than 90% against pregnancy when used in combination with a spermicidal jelly. It is not the ideal choice to prevent STD spread and will have to be fitted by a qualified doctor.
Protecting Yourself when Sexually Active
If you have made the decision to become intimate with your partner do not succumb to peer pressure. Sex is an intimate experience that should be pursued on mutual terms. Ensure you are mature enough to manage the emotional complexities associated with sex and invest in protective measures. Only with a confident approach and knowing what you want can your experience sexual intimacy while reducing the risk of contracting an STD or falling pregnant.