Position of The Week-- Gemini Sex Position

Gemini Sex Position

Lay back, hands spread for support, and go at each other in the center, bodies connected as one in the Gemini Sex Position.

This is one of those lovemaking positions that provides direct eye contact and total control for both parties as they meet as one in the center, conjoined for ultimate pleasure. Because of its sex control, it’s an easy way to reach an orgasm.

Him: This golden gate sex position is comfortable for you, as you sit down, hands behind you for support, and legs spread mildly so your woman can fit inside. Get ready to angle your body just right so she’s feeling maximum pleasure.

Her: After your man is in place, ease onto him with your legs bent at the knee and spread around him. Use your hands to support your back and rest the remainder of your weight on the bed where his cock enters your body.

Why It Rocks: If you love to watch your partner scream while they orgasm, this lovemaking position provides the perfect control and vantage point. Plus, little flexibility is required!

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