Position of the Week-- Butter Churner

Butter Churner


Looking to try something a little advanced and totally kinky? We recommend getting frisky on the sofa to take things out of the bedroom and help you achieve this position. Start with a little missionary to get things going. When you’re ready to switch it up and are craving deep penetration, get into a shoulder stand position on the floor, using the sofa to support your back and take your weight.

With your bum raised and legs in the air, get your partner to hold your ankles and enter you from above. They will control the depth of every thrust and enjoy taking you from a whole new angle. This will really target your G-spot and you or your lover can use a free hand to tease and rub your exposed clit.

Make it kinkier: use ankle cuffs or bondage rope and allow your lover to tie your ankles together.

Until Next Week "Play Safe"