More than just a sex doll— TPE sex dolls can be used for photography, Mannequin, or Movies/ video vixens

The TPE doll was originally released as a sex toy for those interested in realistic dolls to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Created to represent the female form, the TPE doll is considered advancement over its silicone counterparts offering realistic features, hair and exaggerated proportions. These dolls include openings around the private areas and the mouth with parts modified at the will of the buyer. While such dolls have received a reputation for being around the block, The TPE sex doll is being incorporated in photography, mannequin and video vixen portrayals owing to their realistic features and ease of positioning. 

The Difference between the TPE and Silicon Sex Doll  

The silicon love doll has made its mark in the sex toy industry consisting of a rubber like texture with basic features and usable orifices. The TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) doll is softer to the touch than silicon and while more expensive in design, it is more realistic, easy to position and proves hypoallergenic.

Why TPE Love Dolls are more than Just a Sex Toy

Owing to its realistic appearance and ease of maneuverability, the TPE doll is beautiful and received increased attention for use in photo shoots, videos and advertising. The TPE doll has a natural feel and look to the skin with features and figures that are realistically feminine.

The dolls are used as mannequins for various display purposes because their designed frame makes it possible to easily tilt the head or angle the body into the desired positions. Its use as a mannequin includes a display stand that has been designed to hold the body in place.

From swimming costumes to lingerie and form fitting clothes, the TPE doll has made its way into the fashion industry. Many stores and fashion designers place their clothing ranges on the doll for a form fitted appeal.

TPE love dolls are certainly making waves in entertainment. The dolls are also incorporated in lead roles as video vixens in many pornographic films. No longer the need for real women as these dolls appear realistic and can be moved and positioned freely.

Choosing a TPE Doll

If you are interested in the purchase of a beautiful and authentic love doll for fashion, mannequin purposes or filmmaking, the modern polymer models are the ideal choice. These striking dolls feel and look natural and are available in varying proportions to suit a theme of interest. Have your own love doll manufactured to your specifications for TPE fun.