Add a New Skill to Your Sexy — Why Pole Parties are a Good Way to Celebrate Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties and Girls Night in.

Celebrate a special event by tuning into your inner sexy! Pink District Mobile Pole Parties is the most exciting way to enjoy birthdays, hen parties, a ladies night out or even an office party. Create unique memories and lasting experiences for any occasion with the sexiest pole parties around.

Pole parties have become increasingly popular because it is fun and allows one to rediscover or express their inner femininity without fear.

For a different, fun way to entertain, pole dancing has become the latest activity to let your hair down and let loose. Conventional birthdays, bachelorettes and basic office parties have lost its pizzazz. Why not prepare yourself for an innovative and engaging take on a celebration with a mobile pole party?

Our Pole Parties are delivered to you wherever you are

Our mobile pole party means you can explore your hip swinging and swaying anywhere! We provide a comfortable and absolutely fun experience. Perform your pole celebrations in the privacy of your home or space of your choice. 

With a mobile pole party delivered to your door, you can be as loud as you want, laugh, encourage your friends and simply let your inhibitions go! 

Let us bring the pole to you! Specializing in private and corporate events, share your thoughts with us and we can deliver the necessary equipment.

What to Expect at a Pole Party

Every party is guided by a professional and experienced instructor. Participants are taught how to sway, swing, dip and spin around a sexy pole. These parties are so entertaining because everyone can get involved regardless of fitness or any prior experience. Our simple routines are easy to perform and have become the most sought after means of adult fun.

There is no specific dress code but come comfortable and casual or dress up with a cheeky flair! Wear heels or take your shoes off; we are all about creating a relaxed atmosphere with sheer entertainment. We help you get your groove on in a friendly, supported environment.

Parties begin with a few warm-ups including light stretches. Once you are ready to grab onto the pole, a professional guide will demonstrate a move or two that you are encouraged to perform.

Once our ladies have learned a short routine, the entire sequence is performed to some hip swinging music. Strike a pose at the end and learn how to captivate your inner goddess.

Experience Your Inner Sexy with Our Pole Dancing

The purpose of a pole dancing party is to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for all participants to engage and relax.

Our pole parties are innovative and teach you a new set of spectacular dance skills!

We deliver the pole party to your home or place of your choosing. With no hourly operation, you can book a party at your convenience.

The benefits of a mobile pole dancing experience:  

  • Freedom to Choose Your Own Location
  • Flexible Hours, book your pole party at your leisure
  • Experience a New Set of Dance Moves
  • Celebrate Your Birthday, Hen Party, Team Building and Special Events with a Pole Party 

Mobile pole dancing allows you to make as much noise as you want to without concern of surrounding businesses and properties! You choose the venue and we create the ultimate party experience.

Encounter new levels of excitement and intrigue with sensual pole dancing in town!

 You must be 18 years and older to join the latest dance trend. We provide a safe and interesting platform allowing your friends, family or colleagues to relax and feel oh so sexy.