10 Best Sex Position for Couples

10 Best Sex Position for Couples
Keeping things exciting in the bedroom is achieved by turning up the heat with new and interesting love making styles. If the same routine is working for you and your partner in the bedroom, stick to what makes you both happy, but there is certainly no harm in trying out a few different positions to keep your love life hot and spicy. We look at the 10 best sex positions for couples.
Introducing New Sex Positions into the Bedroom
Performing various moves and techniques with your partner will open a new level of trust and intimacy between both of you but also allows you to explore your preferences with someone you love. It opens both your minds to exploring new things and being brave enough to take a chance. While discovering sexual likes and dislikes is a journey for the two of you, it is as much a true journey of self discovery and intimacy.

The Spoon
The sweetest of them all is the spoon. Add a bit of sexiness to the traditional spooning sessions with penetration from behind. It is a great position for those cold wintery nights.

The Lotus
You and your partner will sit in a crossed leg position with you sitting in their lap. Wrapping your arms and legs around one another, get closer than ever before.

The Reverse Cowgirl
Your partner will remain on their back while you hold onto their hips and straddle facing away from them. Have fun bumping and grinding by doing things a little differently.

Doggy Style
The most well known position, if you and your partner have not added this sexual style to your regime; give it a try. Bend onto your knees and arch your back and have your partner penetrate from behind.

Doggy Style with a Difference
Have your partner change their position by stretching themselves over you rather than remaining upright behind you.

The Traditional Cowgirl
Straddle your partner sitting upright or lying on top of them and experience a great deal of grinding fun.

The Advanced Missionary
While lying on your back in the missionary position, lift your legs as high as it will go while your partner penetrates or lift your bottom onto a pillow for maximum sensation.

Incorporate Toys
Be adventurous and add some adult toys to your traditional sexy positions.

The 69
The 69 allows you and your partner to lie down facing each other the wrong way around. It allows both persons to provide oral stimulation.

The Stand 
Remaining standing upright and get a quickie on with your significant other.